Less Thought – More Action!

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It seems like your life is never going to slow down.

Take a few moments to read this during your crazy busy day and really let it sink in. You will have to actually purposely “take” some time to read it all the way through. You deserve it!

If you are waiting for things to slow down for you, they won’t.  And you already know that. There are more and more demands being placed on you. More and more people expecting you to do things for them. And you are so exhausted at the end of the day, from running around non-stop, doing doing doing…


To ‘make ends meet’?

Is that all there is to life?

When you get to the end of your life and you think back on how you spent your days and at what kind of ‘legacy’ you left, or how people will ‘remember you’…Does ‘making ends meet’ sound like the way you want to spend your life?

If you DID take a few minutes to stop and really think about your life you’d discover that you’re not all that happy.

You’re not ‘living the dream’!

Or any of the other things you hear people saying your life ‘could’ be like!

You have actually been spending most of your life doing what everyone else says you ‘should’ be doing. People say that you were “put on this earth for a reason”  and you have “unique talents and skills” and your life is meant for you to “have fun” and “enjoy the journey”!


Who’s got time for all that mumbo jumbo? I’ll tell you who: YOU!

Because what you would realize, if you took a few moments for yourself once in a while, and stopped just trying to please everyone else, is that there’s a wee small voice inside of you that actually – kind-of – believes that mumbo jumbo!

Wouldn’t it be NICE if you really could live your dream life and spend time doing what lights YOU up by using YOUR unique talents and skills (whatever those might BE).  Maybe you have been so busy taking care of everyone else that you don’t even think you HAVE any!

You do! (Everyone does) You just haven’t looked inside yourself enough to discover them. 

And you might not have thought much about this next part, but EVERYONE has the same 24 hours in a day. How is it that some people really ARE living the life of their dreams? They aren’t chasing around, exhausted, stressed out, and frustrated day after day…
putting THEIR life on the back burner while they are taking care of everyone else’s needs.

The difference is not that these people have LESS to do in their lives, or less people to ‘please.'  The difference is that they have come to realize that THEIR wants and needs are just as important as anyone else’s. They have gotten clear on ‘what exactly’ their wants and needs ARE and they are spending some time each day doing what lights THEM up!

And you likely know some people like this. You can see them, they have an essence that is almost magical,  it’s almost seeping out of their pores! You want to be around them. You want to do business with them. They exude a magnetic energy that pulls others in… in a very good way!

And if you think, “Oh, they must be Naturals!” I’m going to bust that myth for you right now. Because, like T. Harv Eker says,
“Every Master was once a Disaster!”

There are things you can do to change your life and make it more of the kind of life that will be enjoyable for you.

It doesn’t matter what your ‘situation’ is because there are people who are happy no matter what situation they’re faced with! It’s a state of MIND… and it’s available for you.  If ‘other people’ can do it, so can YOU!

Your Self-Confidence is the ticket.

When you work on improving your Self-Confidence, it doesn’t make you into a “selfish” person who will walk all over others to get what YOU want!  (I know you don’t want THAT!)

When you have Self-Confidence, you believe in yourself. You don’t let fear and uncertainty stop you from doing what YOU want in your life.  You know that everything is “figure-out-able” to use a phrase by Marie Forleo.

Make Self-doubt a thing of the past for you.

You have ONE life to live!  Your days are passing you by… one … after… the other… years are passing. You don’t get a second chance at living an awesome life, you have to DO something different in order for your life to change.

Darren Hardy says,
“Your waistline, your bank accounts,
and the quality of the relationships that you have
are a cumulative effect of all the CHOICES
that you have made in your life up to this point.”

Are you pleased with your waistline? Your bank accounts? The quality of the relationships that you have? Next year will be here before you know it… and things are not going to change for you unless YOU do something different to change them. Don’t wait around for your “situation” to change before you take steps to improve your life. If you don’t ‘feel ready’, that’s great!  You aren’t going to “feel” ready.  You just have to start, and the path will reveal itself as you move forward.

It’s like driving your car at night. With your headlights turned on you can only see a short distance ahead of you at any given time, but you just keep steadily moving forward and as you go, more of the road becomes clearly visible to you. You see the curves, the hills, (and anything else that might be symbolic of adversities and funky stuff that is part of life) you don’t know what’s coming up or what to expect around the bend or over the next hill and you just calmly keep moving forward, and you address these situations as they are presented to you.

You are the driver on your own journey through life.

You can handle whatever shows up for you and with more Self-Confidence, you will do what you want in your life.  Choose to spend time with people who fill you up instead of draining you. Take ‘care’ of your health so that you can enjoy your entire life. Laugh and have fun, and look forward to new opportunities. Discover who you really ARE, and live the life YOU were meant to be living using YOUR unique talents and skills to live your life to the fullest and you’ll also enrich the lives of other people in the process!

It’s possible for you!

I know, because that’s what happened for me. I had negative self-talk, worry and doubt holding me back for many many years! On the outside it appeared (to others) that I had it all figured out,  but what they didn’t know was that I was a perfectionist and ultimately, quite a procrastinator.

And the way that I operated was that I wouldn’t really take action because I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t think I was ready yet. I didn’t think I knew enough. I thought people would say, “Who does she think SHE is?” So I took more courses. I studied more. And then it hit me! Sometimes all you really need – to stimulate More Output is Less Input. You just need to start taking action.

Your brain is trying to protect you, and keep you from getting hurt, so it tries to keep you in your “Comfort Zone” where it knows you’ll be safe! Safe living a very mediocre and unremarkable life, mind you…but ‘safe.'

That’s why I have the tagline for my business “Less Thought – More Action”! Not because I think people should become ‘thoughtless’ or that thinking in general is a bad idea. On the contrary! One of my favorite things to recommend is tons of time spent “Thinking about your THINKING!” The kind of ‘thinking’ that you need LESS of, though, is the kind of thinking that comes right before you are about to do something that you want to do, but are scared to because that is the thinking that will bring up everything that could go wrong,

Your thoughts will articulate ALL of the self-doubts imaginable:

  • “Who do you think you are?”
  • “Why should YOU have this kind of amazing life when there are so many others who are suffering?”
  • “What will other people think/ say?”
  • “You’re not ready.”
  • “You’re not smart enough.”
  • “You’ll never be able to afford it!”
  • “It’s just not possible… for YOU.”

THIS is the kind of thinking you could use a lot LESS of!

So instead of letting that kind of debilitating thinking hold you back, just decide to DO something. Calmly tell your brain “I appreciate your concern, brain! I’ve GOT this!”

You can use Mel Robbin’s “5 Second Rule” as a pattern interrupt and count backwards out loud…5…4….3….2….1….And then just DO the thing! When you count backwards like this, your brain can’t concentrate on telling you about all those self-doubt reasons why you shouldn’t do something. It has to concentrate on counting backwards!

And after you get to #1 and you just start DOING the thing, your life will literally change. You start “taking action” and you realize that making mistakes are not lethal. In fact, making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn. You might even look forward to making mistakes! You start to get a super amazing feeling, that feeling of accomplishment…The feeling that you are in control of your own life. The feeling that maybe you CAN do anything!

And you ARE doing things! You’re choosing what’s important to you. Making those things a priority.  You realize that it’s freaking ah-MAY-zing to be doing the things in your life that YOU want to be doing and you start to finally discover your unique talents and skills – those things that you didn’t even realize you HAD only because you didn’t take the time to THINK much about them  before!

These are the things that other people admire about you – things that you do well and you think ‘everyone else’ probably can do them too.
They are so ‘easy’ and almost effortless for you, so you don’t think they’re all that special, but other people can’t do these things like you can. These are things that YOU’re uniquely awesome at. They’re your unique talents and skills. Own them!

And if you love doing them, find a way to do these things more often. And if you can get PAID for doing these things…Oh, my! Now, that’s living the LIFE after all. Getting paid to do what you love!? Really?!?!

So, what are you going to do right now?

  • Decide to stop doing the things that drain you.
  • Limit the time you spend around PEOPLE who drain you.
  • Do ‘less’ of the things that are annoying for you…see if you can delegate these things. (There are other people who actually LOVE doing the things that you don’t like doing!)

Ultimately, the answer to your stressed out life, where you claim that you don’t have any time for yourself (because you are too busy pleasing everyone else) is to realize that it’s YOUR life! You get to decide to TAKE time for yourself (You can’t MAKE time for yourself,
the time is already there…It’s passing you by, remember!?) So take it!  Use it for what fuels you, and makes you feel alive, and deeply blessed, and amazing!  You get to decide what you think, what you say, and what you do every moment of every day!

You are responsible for your choices, your decisions, and your actions.

Complaining, blaming others, or justifying ‘why’ you are doing what you’re doing, (or NOT doing what you’re not doing) is not going to change anything! Do you WANT to keep living your life the way it is now? You decide!

*** Less Thought – More Action!  ***

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