DO “Sweat the Small Stuff” – Before it Becomes BIG Stuff

My kids were heading out on a road trip. I went to the bank machine to transfer some money into each of their accounts to help with fuel, meals and hotels for their 5 day trip. Into Ben's account, I put $700, and into Tash's account I transferred $300.  And then I went home to help them pack.

Well, it turned out to be the biggest joke imaginable!

Because I didn't LOOK at the amounts I was transferring. I just pushed the buttons, pushed ‘transfer'… and left the bank feeling excited for my kids' trip.

Ben looked on his phone and said “Thanx mom! You went to the bank and transferred 7 Bucks into my account?!”

Apparently I did!

(“Here you go kids! Here's some money to help you on your 5 day road trip to L.A.! Hotels, meals, fuel for the car! Here's 7 Bucks for you Ben… and just so that you are sure to be in really good shape, I also transferred 3 BUCKS into Natasha's account to help with your trip as well!”)

There was a very ‘little thing' that I overlooked, that turned out to be super important.

The decimal!

This gave us a great laugh, and of course they had to tell all of their friends about it too! All about their generous and thoughtful mom!

There's a popular saying in regards to little things… “Don't sweat the small stuff.”  Today I want to draw your attention to some ‘small stuff' that you really SHOULD be sweating!

Because our lives are ever so busy and life is passing us by faster and faster these days, there doesn't seem to be enough time to properly think about some of the BIG things in our lives, let alone take time to deal with the ‘small stuff'.

There are quite a few small things that can get really BIG if you don't think about them and deal with them while they ARE small!

Here are 2 of the most important things that you DO need to “sweat” while they're small, so that they don't become “big” and get out of your control!

Your Overall Health:

If there is something that you've noticed… a lump, or a mysterious pain, or anything out of the ordinary, go get it checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

Pretending to ignore it  and secretly fretting about it in the back of your mind is a powerless place to live. You are responsible for your own health! Book your regular check-ups, and ask your doctor or health care professional any questions that you have on your mind.

Small things (like small lumps) have a tendency to get bigger, and the best time to work on treating them is as early as possible. Don't let the fear of the ‘worst possible scenario' hold you back from finding out what's actually going on, and dealing with it.

It's better to know and deal with what's happening than to postpone and fret and let things get out of control. You have a choice. Choose to be your own advocate, and take action.


If you are sitting for most of the day at your job, then you need to make a point of getting more movement throughout the day! I know you're heard this before, but are you doing anything about it? Take regular breaks to stretch and move around. Stand as much as possible.

Going for a walk outside is the best thing you can do for your health and to boost your energy and mood. There is something magically therapeutic about going for a walk, especially outdoors.

  • Set a goal for yourself to “Walk every day”

Without putting a specific ‘time' constraint on it. Instead of saying you're going to “Walk for 20 minutes every day” or “Walk 10,000 steps every day”, instead just tell yourself you're going to “WALK every day!” That's it! Just get out there and walk.

If you feel amazing and have more time one particular day, you can walk for longer.

  • Make your ‘Success' easy for you to achieve!

And go every day, even if it's just for 5 minutes on a day when you aren't feeling as well… because if you miss a day it gets easier to quit altogether.

The little things like sitting every day, or becoming less and less active as you get older …. are the kinds of things that become BIG problems over time if you don't do something about them.

Your Overall Health, and your daily amount of Exercise are the “small stuff” that you literally need to start ‘sweating' about!

What are the small things regarding your Health that are important enough for you to address right now? You know what they are for you. Commit to doing something about them. And make a point to get more Exercise every day – even a “little” is lot better than none!

You are ultimately in control of your own health.

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