Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionista


Today I was reading an article about perfectionism and the idea that striving for perfection is not something that will make you happy.

The subject really struck home for me.

About 5 years ago I tried to do everything “perfect” and would be mortified whenever I messed up!

I found out firsthand how perfectionism and procrastination go hand in hand because when you're so afraid to make mistakes, and you care toooo much about what other people think of you, then you won't want to take action and you sure won't want to take risks or do anything outside your comfort zone!

What a stressful and stifling way to live!

It is absolutely refreshing when you choose to think of the word “perfect” is a verb…. with emphasis on the second syllable – “per-FECT.” This helps you to realize that there is no possible way to “BE” perfect.  All we can do is put our best stuff (and our best self) out there and see how it goes. And then, if we feel so inclined, DO something to “improve” it.

If Steve Jobs waited to have created the “perfect” i-phone before putting it out on the market, then we would still be using those flip phones where you had to poke a number 3 times to get the letter you wanted while texting!

Apple puts out a new phone that they KNOW is not perfect and then they promptly make upgrades and updates to improve what isn't working the best…. and then keep putting out whole new versions of cell phones!

When I first started writing blogposts, I would read and reread my post over and over to be SURE I didn't spell something incorrectly!  And my heart would race and my sweaty finger would hover immobilized above the ‘post' button! I worried what other people would think about what I wrote. I worried about trolls who have nothing better to do than find fault with what I wrote.

The only cure for all that is to forget about yourself!

Focus on the other person, the one you are trying to help…. and just keep putting more stuff out there. Smile when you spel somthing incorectly… and let it go!

Trying to be “Perfect” sucks the fun out of your life.  Be your best.  Compare yourself only to your yester-self.  Keep learning and growing, helping others, and embrace your imperfections!

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