Coaching for High Performers

Taking your life to the “Next Level” means achieving excellence in your Career / Contribution, your Relationships, AND your Health!

Live by Your Definition of “Success”

Start Now to Overcome Your Challenges

Grand Expectations

You are your own biggest critic, and you know you're capable of so much more! You're not interested in lowering your expectations. You're committed to repeatedly rising the bar and achieving it. I'll help you develop the necessary mindset and habits that produce massive achievment and enjoyment of your progress.

Total Responsibility

You know that all change comes from within. You're already amazing in many areas in your life. And you want "More"! What got you here won't get you "there". In order to reach the "Next Level", you know that you're responsible for that too.
The most successful, and highest performers in the world got there with the help of a Coach. As your Certified High Performance Coach, I'll show you how to move to the next level by uncovering your blocks, challenging you and pushing you, and seeing the very best in you too! There are specific Habits and Mindsets that lead to High Performance and a life of fulfillment and joy.

Visions Beyond Your Current "Reality"

You can envision your amazing future. You have huge dreams. I'll help you put the support and structures in place that you need in order to translate those visions into reality.


I’ve been there... I used to over-commit to helping others while areas of my own life suffered. Success in my Business took so much time and energy that my Marriage was in bad shape and so was my body!

I’ve made incredible improvements in my OWN life, and I want to help you take your life to the “Next Level” as well.

This is not “about me”. This is a rigorously tested and perfected, step-by-step SYSTEM and proven PROTOCOL, designed to help you get from where you are now to the “Next Level” in your life. 

Getting Started Is Easy!

Apply to work with me as your Cynergy Mindset Coach

Filling out the questionnaire will require approximately 10-15 minutes. You will clarify what's NOT working in your Business, your Relationships, and your Health. By deciding that you're ready to stop being a “People Pleaser”, you are deciding to start pleasing yourself! This won't make you into someone who steps all over others to get what YOU want. It will help you become someone that others deeply respect because you are worth it, and you will come to believe that about yourself!

Schedule a Complimentary “Breakthrough Session”

We'll look closely at your goals, barriers, and blind-spots. You'll walk away with some concrete actions to move you forward on your path. Together, we'll decide if it's right for us to commit to a High Performance Coaching Plan.

Register for the Cynergy Mindset and Confidence Curriculum

Coaching calls are structured, densely packed and designed to maximize your power and effectiveness in the major areas of your life. We will laser-focus in on the areas that have been proven to change your thoughts so that you can believe in yourself and have the courage to “live into” who you were put on this earth to be… and create a life that you love! Your time will pass anyways. What your life is like in the next few weeks depends on your choice to take action now.

At Cynergy Coaching, we believe that you're already a wonderful person, and that you want to feel love and fulfillment in all areas of your life. No matter where you are, it is always possible to elevate your life to the next level. Good enough in NOT good enough! And having awesomeness in only ONE area of your life is also not good enough!!

The challenge for you now is that you're tired of taking care of everyone elses' needs and want to be true to yourself, without being rude or mean or inconsiderate of others. I want to help you shave years off of your path to self-confidence and personal achievement.

It starts with a formal application to work with me. Our time is limited and we are selective in the work that we take on. We want to make sure that you're ready to commit to your own success. We'll have an hour-long, complimentary “Breakthrough Session” where we're committed to adding value to you. Then, you'll decide if you feel that working together is going to help you achieve your dreams.  When you decide to work with Cynergy Coaching, together, we'll systematically explore and improve on the major areas of your life that are essential to ongoing self-confidence: your Career/Contribution, your Relationships, and your Health. This holistic approach is one of the things that makes our protocol one of the most transformative coaching programs available.

So start by either filling out the Coaching Application Form. Don't pass up your best opportunity to achieve the life  you know you are capable of – and seeing your personal transformation benefit EVERY area of your life!

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