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Mission and Vision

To be the “Change Agent” - Providing action-oriented transformational training and support that helps YOU move beyond your Limiting Beliefs and become Empowered with the Self-confidence to take Deliberate Action, Progress steadily toward your Personal and Professional Successes, Maximize your Unique Gifts and Incredible Potential, and Live an Abundant Life of Freedom, FUN, and Fulfillment.

Cyndie Knorr had worked hard to become a successful high-end Portrait Photographer. She was active in the community and held positions on three boards. To everyone who saw her, they would think she “had it all together” and was “living the dream life”. She immersed herself in her work, networking events, meetings and volunteering in the community!

But INSIDE, she was very bitter, angry, and miserable! She spent most of her waking hours wishing she could get a divorce from her husband. Her daughter was going through some difficult times with Mental Health issues. And Cyndie’s own health was failing. She was losing the feeling in her lower legs, and she weighed 220 lbs.

After her father passed away, she learned that her older brother and sister had Diabetes and just hadn’t TOLD anyone … (Her mother had already passed away from Diabetes in 1999)…. and as the third of six kids, she thought… “I’m NEXT!”

With a background in Psychology, she had an unquenchable thirst for Personal Development and studying the concepts of: Habits, Productivity, Success, High Achievement, Neuroscience, How our Minds Work, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Confidence, and Learned Optimism.

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She took thousands of dollars worth of courses, went to workshops, studied every source of information she could get her hands on, enrolled in Certified Life Coaching programs, and gradually began APPLYING the principles that she had discovered from all of these different sources.

And by using these principles, she completely turned her life around! She lost 70 lbs (losing only an average of 5 lbs a month) and has effortlessly kept it off since then! She ran her first “Tough Mudder” race in Chicago in August, 2017 and has never felt better!

She now has a wonderful relationship with her husband again. In fact it’s even BETTER than it was when they first fell in love! Her children are doing well. She has co-authored the Best Selling book “Cracking the Code to Success” with Brian Tracy, and has hung around with legends like Jack Canfield (from Chicken Soup for the Soul), and Brendon Burchard.

There are SO many exciting possibilities and opportunities for YOU and your life!!!

The whole concept of Cynergy (“Synergy”) is that when two or more people work together, the results are greater than just the sum of their individual efforts…

Cynergy is a magical energy that makes it possible for you to live an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling life!

Coaching and continual personal development are the best “Investments” you could ever make!

Success in ONE area of your life has a Ripple Effect on other areas (Health, Relationships, Wealth), and will also benefit everyone else around you.

It is possible to have “success” in EVERY area of your life (and not have to sacrifice one area to find fulfillment in another).

Procrastination, Pessimism, and Perfectionism are robbing you of your incredible potential for unlimited Freedom, FUN and Fulfillment!

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Less Thought, More Action

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