Self Confidence Course

Course Highlights:

12 week online course that will:

  • take you from being a People Pleaser, Procrastinator, Perfectionist, and Push-Over, and
  • teach you how to stop letting other people walk all over you and control you
  • give you clarity as to what YOU really want for your life, and
  • guide you to Believe in Yourself, and start Living the Life YOU were meant to be living!

The first 6 weeks focus on “What you THINK

  • You will get to ‘know’ yourself, what makes you tick, what’s important to you, and where exactly you are feeling ‘stuck’ in your life.
  • You will discover how your mind works, and how to eliminate the negative self-talk that has gotten out of control in your mind!
  • You will use proven techniques to replace old beliefs that no longer serve you, and re-frame other beliefs to become more empowering.
  • You will “train your brain” for success and optimism.

Cyndie is one of the few people you will ever meet in the world, who has almost NO negative Self-Talk going on inside her head, and she LOVES to teach others how to achieve this extraordinary level of Inner Peace!

It has taken you your entire life, to develop the beliefs and habits that have brought you to this point. You will need to make some changes in your THINKING to create the kind of life you will truly enjoy! And Cyndie is the person to guide you on that incredible journey!

The next 2.5 weeks cover “What you SAY

  • In this section you will learn how to say ‘No’ Without saying ‘No’, and how to say ‘No’ without regrets as well!
  • Communicating beautifully with others, expressing yourself, speaking up in groups.
  • You will learn how extremely important your “Words” are, and how many of the words you are currently using are holding you back and limiting your potential!
  • You will learn some ‘Magic Words” that will open up opportunities for you.
  • ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is also a huge component in developing your Self-Confidence.

The final 2.5 weeks cover “What you DO

  • This course is packed with everything you could ever want to know about Body Language, First Impressions, Self-Care, Setting Priorities, and Personal Achievement

By the end of the course, you will

  • Truly come to Know and respect yourself!
  • Know how to turn your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk completely around.
  • Understand what YOUR needs are, and feel great as you live the life that YOU want to be living, while being respectful of those around you.

(You do NOT need to sacrifice one area of your life to excel in another! You can feel fulfilled and love life in EVERY area: ex. your Health / Relationships / Social / Family / Love Life / Spiritual / Fun! etc.)

  • You will become aware of and notice how you “Teach People How to Treat You”
  • You will be able to set priorities for yourself, and take action even though you might feel fear, and not ‘feel ready’ … yet!
  • And you will celebrate the exhilarating feeling of DOING something amazing! Things that you never before believed could be possible for YOU!
  • You will feel like a whole new person, but it will just be the “REAL YOU” that you have finally uncovered, and given permission to thrive!

When you are not having to live up to the ‘expectations of Other People’, and you know and respect yourself, you will find an inner peace and absolute joy that is rare and illusive for most people. Most people do NOT take the time, or make the investment in themselves to figure these things out and change their lives. They go about their lives, one miserable and unhappy day after the other…. You are not like those people! You do not need to continue living a life like that!

You know that if other people can do it, then YOU can too! And you are in the right place to find out how, and to do it!!


The course consists of:

  • Weekly video lessons which will be unlocked on Wednesday each week.
  • There is a pdf transcript of the video if you prefer reading the lessons, and an audio recording as well.
  • There will be assignments, a lot of writing! ;D
  • and practical exercises to ‘lock in the learning’.

There will also be 12 – weekly Coaching calls where you can have your questions answered, and where we will celebrate the “wins” and “breakthroughs” of everyone in the course! These Coaching calls will be recorded so that you can listen to them if you missed being on the call, or if you want to listen a few more times. Your questions and comments can be submitted in advance if you will not be available to be on the weekly call. You will have lifetime access to these trainings and each time you go back to the lessons you will gain more insights that you were not ‘ready’ for the first time around!

Awesome Bonuses will be unlocked for you as you complete the modules.

(We do not want you to feel overwhelmed, so the bonuses are not piled on at the beginning. They will be ‘dripped’ to you as the bonus content is applicable to what you’re working on at that time.)

Bonuses include:

  • Guided meditations guaranteed to turn your thoughts around, and get you to start hearing “positive” self-talk inside your head – for a change!
  • Physical ‘surprises’ mailed directly to you! ;D
  • And ‘Other’ bonuses created and offered based on what YOU indicate that you need, as you are going through the modules!

*** Yes! It’s all about YOU! ***

aaaaand at the completion of the course there is an amazing BONUS Course for you:

Your Self-Worth Determines your Net Worth!

($999 value, yours FREE once you’ve completed the “Breakthroughs to Self-Confidence” course!)


Because, with your new-found Self-Confidence, you will be ready to uncover what’s been holding you back in the Money Department! And this course will give you incredible breakthroughs in THAT category! Perfect Timing!

The Instructor / Coach / “Change Agent” Cyndie, is available to assist you throughout the entire 12 weeks, and YOUR success and Breakthroughs are her top priority! She will check in with you personally, and encourage you, and guide you every step of the way! When the course ends on July 4, 2018 you will have created a life for yourself that is truly worth Celebrating!

There will be fireworks and parties all over the country! ;D It will be YOUR “Independence Day”!

You will be free of Living the Life Controlled by the wishes and desires of Others, and will be FREE to live the Life YOU were meant to be Living! And “Celebrating” your success is a critical part of Personal Achievement. You deserve to feel amazing for taking action and improving your life!

This course is backed with an Incredible 90 day – 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If, for any reason, you feel that this course is not for you, contact the Instructor and you will receive your money back! That means that you can take the entire course, the full 12 weeks, and if you are not thoroughly excited about the transformations you are making in your life, and you don’t feel you are getting your money’s worth, you can contact us and you will get a full refund! This is not the usual Money back guarantee you will find anywhere else!!! WE are confident that you will have such incredible breakthroughs, and that’s why we feel good about offering you this guarantee!


You have absolutely nothing to lose! And a WHOLE lot of “wonderful” to gain!

You’re here! So, that means you are sick and tired of the way your life is right now! If not NOW, then WHEN? What are you waiting for? Time is going to keep passing you by. You could be SOOO much happier with yourself, and your life, in just 12 weeks from now! You are worth it! Your LIFE, and your relationships with OTHERS are worth it! Improving your Self-Confidence has a ripple effect on EVERY area of your life!

“The best investment you can make is in YOURSELF!” ~ Warren Buffet

Breakthroughs to Self-Confidence! This is the only course you will ever need to dramatically ignite YOUR Self-Confidence!

Let’s DO this!



If you are considering joining us, and just have some questions, please text them to Cyndie on her personal cell phone (306) 535-5734 and she will be happy to answer them for you!


If you prefer to contact Cyndie on Facebook, click here.

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