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I had been procrastinating on my dreams for YEARS!

I have always wanted to pursue public speaking. Cyndie not only pointed me toward using my strengths and my ability to speak, she made me deliver — In front of hundreds of people my speech was well received. (I got a standing ovation!) I had procrastinated on this dream for years! Without Cyndie I would probably still be wishing and hoping to speak “one day”. Another lifetime goal of mine has been to publish a book. I have always been a writer but I had never been disciplined enough to compile my content into a book. As a coach Cyndie is holding me accountable to continue and I am on track to complete the first draft of my book very soon. As a busy mom of three young kids I didn’t think I had the time or energy to go after my dreams. Cyndie has shown me how to do what lights me up inside and still be an awesome mom to my kids. The most important thing for me while working with Cyndie was that she believed in me 100% even though I didn’t have that confidence in myself at first. My confidence is growing! She has helped me have some difficult conversations with family members. There were things I’d been tolerating and putting off for far too long that were eating me up inside. EVERY area of my life has improved dramatically!  

- Sanjida H

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