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The 5-Step Strategy Successful Business Women in their 50’s Are Using to Finally Put Themselves First, and Go After THEIR Goals and Dreams ...

(Even if they have a lifetime habit of being a “People Pleaser”)


On this masterclass, you'll discover:

  • The step-by-step game plan all my clients use to finally ditch the stress and overwhelm of saying 'yes' to everyone ELSE, get the courage and confidence to say 'no,' and finally put their OWN needs first.
  • The real reason why attending more motivational seminars, watching inspirational YouTube videos or reading self-help books are NOT good strategies for winning back control ... And how the women we work with stop being 'People Pleasers,' TODAY, so they can go after their own goals and dreams.
  • What they're doing to have the courage and confidence to speak out, so they gain respect, and get noticed for pay raises, promotions, or new business and career opportunities.
  • The secret they're using to become more influential and persuasive, and develop first class leadership skills, even if they're currently “reserved”, and hate speaking up in groups.
  • How they're completely eliminating negative self-talk and Imposter Syndrome, even if they’ve spent YEARS with constant debilitating mental chatter holding them back.
  • And, how they do ALL this, while simultaneously improving their relationships, their overall health, and feeling EXCITED for work and life.

Cyndie Knorr

Mindset Coach and “Change Agent”
Cynergy Coaching
My specialty is helping Business Women in their 50’s who are struggling with a lack of confidence, and a lifetime habit of being “People Pleasers” to finally overcome their self-doubt and communication issues, and have the courage to make their Relationships, their Health, and their Business the BEST it could EVER BE !!! <3

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